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Congratulations to our 2023 Winners!

Chester Community Greenhouse and Gardens would like to thank the generous community sponsors and participants in our 2023 Autumn Basket Raffle.  The raffle raised much needed funds for ongoing expenses and improvements to the space. Congratulations to our winners!

  • Mike Ripley (Cavendish): “Comfy and Cozy” 

  • Rita Lawson (Reading): “Out on the Town”

We wish everyone a happy New Year, and look forward to helping everyone grow something special in the 2024 season with advice, workshops, and our community garden space.

Red Confetti Burst Raffle School Flyer (

Comfy & Cozy:

Vermont Tea House: $30 Gift Cert.

Meditrina: Wine (Red, White)

Songbird Wellness: 1 hr massage

Chester Hardware: Bird Feeder

Sharon’s on the Common: Infinity Scarf

Bracken Glen Cottage: Earrings, Mittens

Out on the Town:

Smokin’ Bowls: T-shirt, Gift Cert., stickers

Comm. Art Garden Hair Feather Party for 10

Heritage Deli $25 Gift Cert

Erskine’s: Ball Cap

Whiting Library: Books

Motel on the Meadow: Autumn Wreath

Kat’s Embroidery: Embroidered Shirt

Bracken Glen Cottage: Earrings, Mittens

Red Confetti Burst Raffle School Flyer (
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