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our vision


the greenhouse

CCG&G has received a donation of a spectacular and historic 3,200 sf, 1930's vintage Lord & Burnham greenhouse that was being dismantled in Walpole, New Hampshire.


In late July of 2020, the galvanized steel and iron frame of the greenhouse was disassembled and trucked to Chester, VT where a team of hardy community volunteers moved the heavy components into the first floor of a local barn, donated to us for storage.

The greenhouse will be renovated, placed on a new foundation and retrofitted with energy efficient glazing as soon as the site is finalized.

Herb watercolors.jpg

the gardens

CCG&G plans to create traditional community garden plots, or "allotments" outside of the greenhouse, as well as test plots for exploring the hardiness and productivity of various plant types, areas dedicated to seed saving and facilities for the composting of organic garden waste, to be used to amend and enrich the garden and greenhouse planting beds.

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