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Q: How do I apply to reserve a garden plot for the 2024 season?

A: Go to Membership Agreement, double click document icon for the Membership form. Print this out and mail to us with your check to: Chester Community Greenhouse & Gardens, PO Box 1271, Chester, VT 05143. Or email us at to request an agreement form.  

Q: Are there other other successful community greenhouses in New England?

A: There are several. The Dudley Greenhouse outside of Boston serves hunderds of community members. To read more:

Q. Does a community greenhouse impact the value of nearby properties?

A: We have not found a study that specifically looks at the impact of a community greenhouse on property values, however there are a number of studies that have concluded that community gardens actually increase the value of properties in surrounding neighborhoods. Here are a relevant studies:  

Study on the impacts of community gardens on property values. Viki Been, New York University Law School, 2006:

Whitepaper on community gardens and community development. Jane Schukoske, 2000:

Q: Is the greenhouse going up soon?

A: We installed the preliminary community gardens in June of 2023. We continue to work toward funding immediate infrastructure such as a shed to establish ourselves on the site for the long term. Fundraising is aimed at rebuilding the greenhouse. It is a large-scale project, and once funding is secured it's anticipated that it will take 18-24 months to engineer and construct.

Q: Has a site for the greenhouse been selected?

A: The town of Chester has allowed CCG&G to be established at Canal Street in Chester. The property is owned by the Town of Chester. The Town of Chester Select Board has issued a formal letter of intent allowing CCG&G to reconstruct and operate the community greenhouse and gardens. A public hearing will be held by the select board before it formally approves greenhouse construction. CCG&G is grateful to the Town of Chester Select Board for its support.

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