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  "Few callings could be higher than mentoring a new generation of growers--and in a world that needs more community, this       wonderful project will serve as a great example. That the greenhouse is almost a century old reminds us that our forebears knew

  a lot about how to live on this planet; recapturing that knowledge and that spirit is a key part of insuring that we will thrive in the       decades ahead.” – Bill McKibben, author, educator, environmentalist, and Co-Founder of

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A sense of community doesn't just happen, it must be cultivated. People coming together to share joy, meaning and purpose is the the sunlight that makes a community grow.


Community Gardens

The shared joy of growing beautiful flowers, delicious, healthy food and fragrant herbs in the open air has added to the quality of life of communities around the world.


Community Greenhouse & Gardens
Expanding the notion of a community garden to be a warm, safe, accessible place to grow food, herbs and flowers beyond the summer growing season is the simple and beautiful reason to create a community greenhouse. A community greenhouse also expands the notion of what it means to grow by gathering people to share ideas, techniques and experience, a place to work and laugh with friends, a way to increase local food security and have a real impact on climate change, and a place to experiment, educate and inspire.


In short, Chester Community Greenhouse and Gardens will offer a place for the community to GROW!

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If you would like to be part of this project...

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